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Grooming, Dog Daycare and Love

Grooming, Dog Daycare and Love

Grooming, Dog Daycare and Love

     We are dedicated to taking the best care of your pet while in our care. Offering the highest quality products and tools in the industry, we offer compassionate grooming, taking tremendous pride in our work. It is a very hard, physical and mental job, and we do it with pride and purpose. 

     Our supervised, day play in a 6300 square feet, secure astro-turfed yard for your furry friend is just the ticket to allow for exercise, and socialization in a monitored, safe environment.  With over 14 years of professional experience, we have the knowledge and care that you can trust. 

Fun For All

Grooming, Dog Daycare and Love

Grooming, Dog Daycare and Love

     Our goal is a safe and fun environment where your dog can be a dog, but still have fun, structured play. Dog daycare has many benefits, including:

          * Socialization (Dogs must be socialized to dogs/group play)
          * Provides regular exercise to maintain healthy weight
          * Deterring destructive behavior from boredom at home
          * Enhances quality of life

Our Grooming Process

Grooming, Dog Daycare and Love

Our Grooming Process

     We reserve the exact time we need to care and focus on your pet.  We use top of the line, detergent and dye free products to always be safe and do the best and highest quality job we can. It is not just giving a dog a bath to us- it's an art and our passion. We don't do sloppy, so please don't rush us in the process. While we aim for a certain time, some pets may be nervous and need more time for the appointment to be finished safely.  

      We aim for a better than average groom.  We have spent our lives continuing education, buying the best tools on the market, and dedicating our life to putting out a better product. You will notice the difference in our approach. 

     We do charge per hour for our services, no two dogs are the same, and cannot be the same price.  Clients who go over 8 weeks between grooms and may have tangles require more product, drying time, etc and cannot be charged the same as a 4/6 weeks clients.  We can quote over the phone, but we don't know coat condition, behavior, etc and it will be just that -a quote. It may go under or over depending on how they do and the work you have put into your pet. 

Dog Daycare & Puppy Play


Dog Daycare


All dogs will have a scheduled (free) 2 hour screening process to see if they are a good fit for our dog daycare program before a full day will be allowed.  If during the 2 hours we see that your pet isn't a good fit for our program, we will call you and they must be picked up. All dogs must be trained in basic commands, have no aggression issues towards people, dogs, or toys. If your dog passes our screening process, you do not have to schedule daycare. All dogs must be current on vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, Bordatella, and be on flea, tick and lice preventative.

*All trials must be scheduled in the mornings, before 10:30 am

100% supervision all day, a 6.5 foot steel fence, asphalt with turf (no digging under) we are the most secure facility in the valley. All dogs will participle in "nap time" from 12:30--2:00

If your dog has medicine they need in the middle of the day, please make us aware of this before your first day of Daycare. We will gladly give medicines.

During Summer months dogs will have access to a pool, indoor and outdoor access with over 6,300 sq. ft outdoor space alone. 

If you would like a dog grooming added at the end of the day of play, please schedule that ahead of time.

*All male dogs over 7 months must be neutered. Females do not need to be, but cannot participate in daycare if they are in heat, or pregnant. 

  *Prices:          Single Day

     $25.00 day / $20 each additional dog  (over 5 hours)
     $18.00 half day / $15 additional dog  (under 5 hours)
 *Package:      Full Day (Over 5 hours)

     5 day - $115.00 (Save $10)
     10 day -$225.00 (Save $25-FREE DAY!)
     Unlimited Month- Let your dog play everyday! $450.00 (Save 75$)
*Package:        Half Day (under 5 hours)

     10 Day - $160 (Save $20)

*Half day dogs will only be permitted in the morning, drop-off before 10:30 am, so dogs are on the same energy levels.

Daycare is open Monday - Wednesday - Friday, Drop-off and pickup from 8:00 am- 6:00 pm 

Daycare is not offered on Tuesday - Thursday.
Closed all Major Holidays. No overnight care offered, $15.00 for every 15 minutes after hours pickup.

*No package refunds after 20 days from date of purchase.
*For refunds within 20 days of purchase, days used will be charged at single day rates.
*Daycare packages expire 6 months from purchase date, any days not used will be forfeited. 
*All pricing is subject to change without notice.

All Clients must bring in a copy of vaccination records with Application for their dog(s) trial at Andie's Daycare.

Puppy Play

 Puppy Play is for puppies 4-6 months old to start the socialization process off on the right foot.

Puppy play is from 8:00 am -12:00 pm (4 hours) for $15

At 7 months old puppies can transition into either half or full day daycare at the owners choice. We don't recommend half or full day for young puppies because it is to much to handle for them at such a young age so we created this extra space just for them.
Puppies must have 3rd set of shots from your veterinarian to attend puppy play. 

Please see application below.  

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